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Online Reservation

some words about us

Palm Dor is a 3 star hotel located in the heart of Delhi, the capital of India. We are one of the most accessible hotels in New Delhi that offers three-star amenities for it’s valuable customers. We are a family of dedicated team with a pledge to serve you best of our abilities. We respect and follow the ideology of “Atithi Devo Bhava” which means guests are equivalent to God, and this is the reason you will find personalized services that will give you immense pleasure and an unforgettable experience.

we have been indulged in providing you services that suits your needs. Customer satisfaction is what we keep on the top of our priority list. Looking forward to serve you.

Eco-Friendly Technology

For a safer and unpolluted environment we have tried to apply eco-friendly technology for energy and water preservation, in major areas of our building, here is short glimpse

Energy Conservation

  •  ariable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) technology for air-conditioning This technology saves nearly 30% of electricity than conventional technology, is more efficient and superior in comfort
  •  CFL Lighting Provides as much light as a conventional bulb yet consumes far less energy
  •  Key Tag Energy Saver System Conserves energy in unoccupied rooms
  •  Double Glazed Vacuum Sealed Windows Conserves energy and reduces noise
  •  Auto Time Management for Lighting, Air-conditioning and Ventilation Fans Conserves energy

Water Conservation

  •  Rain Water Harvesting Protects and replenishes water table
  •  LT Voltage Stabilizer for Energy Saving Prevents damage to equipment due to sudden power fluctuations